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Varmilo Victory 67 RGB 65% ANSI Magnetic Hall Effect Keyboard

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Principles and Characteristics of Magnetic Switches
The magnet switch uses the Hall effect principle to control the switch triggering:

  • Rapid Trigger dynamically changes the actuation and deactivation point.
  • Dynamic key travel, multi-stage triggering.
  • You have full control over your actuation point from 0.1 to 4.0mm.
Enhance your gameplay


Rapid Trigger
Rapid Trigger Mode allows you to release and repeatedly press keys at a much faster rate than is physically possible on standard keyboards.
Traditionally, a switch needs to travel past a fixed actuation point for a keystroke to be registered.
For the next keystroke to be made, the switch needs to first reset by traveling back up past its fixed reset point.
With Rapid Trigger Mode, this reset point is no longer fixed. Instead, the switch resets the instant it travels upwards once a keystroke is registered.

Adjustable Key Travel
Have full control over the switch actuation point from 0.1mm to 4.0mm down the key stroke.

8000Hz Polling Rate
Higher polling rates for keyboards allow the device to communicate more quickly with your computer. This translates to drastically reduced input delays, down to just 0.1ms.

Full CNC Metal Case
CNC cutting can form clear and exquisite lines and edges, which are difficult to achieve with plastic molds.
The all-metal case can effectively reduce keyboard cavity sound and improve key stability.
The white electrophoresis decorative nameplate, different-color oxidation anodes, and silk screen decoration details are more sincere.
CNC clear engraving of unique pattern designs.
The keyboard is not only a tool but also a carrier of desktop aesthetics.

Three-side light transmittance and Five-side dye-sub PBT
Three-side light transmittance enables keycaps to present ever-changing backlight effects. The advantages of PBT keycaps and dye-sublimation are durable and non-wearing effects.

Customized Gateron Magnet Switch
Custom black bottom housing, with whole black appearance, superb look and atmosphere when the lights off. Optimize the stem shaking problem and reduce scattered noise All switches are pre-lubed.
(Self-lubrication may cause the stability of the magnetic switch to decrease)

Built for performance
Functions and appearance are independently controlled 5 sets of hall effect sensors improve the functional stability of the magnet switch 2 additional sets of chips control lighting effects We deliver you the fastest possible input and eye-blinding RGB.

Smooth typing experience
A contactless magnet switch is just that linear smoothness In addition, we also added poron plate foam, IXPE foam, and poron case foam to increase the typing feel and sound.

Key start force: 30gf

Key end force: 50gf


Cyber-Punk style
Designed by VARMILO and famous designer BUGER Cool black and purple cyber industrial painting Varmilo silk screen LOGO on the side Beautifully engraved pattern on the back

Linked RGB breathing lighting effect
Different press pressure can trigger different light effects


With added poron plate foam, white IXPE foam, and poron case foam to improve noise reduction and shock absorption effect.

  • PCB
  • IXPE foam
  • Poron plate foam
  • Case foam
  • Alluminum alloy plate
  • Aluminum alloy case


  • SIZE: 10.8CM x 31CM
  • Brand: Varmilo VICTORY
  • Switch: Varmilo x Gateron magnet switch
  • Case Material: Full CNC Metal Case
  • Keycaps: PBT+PC
  • Connection: Wired
  • Polling Rate: Up to 8000Hz
  • Driver: Varmilo VICTORY
  • Silence structure: 3-layer inner bag

Includes keyboard, cable USB-C to USB-A and keypuller/switch puller.

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