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Thermal Grizzly Intel 13th & 14th Gen CPU Contact Frame

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German Engineered - quality from Berlin
The Intel 13th and 14th Gen CPU Contact Frame is a mounting aid that replaces the motherboard's original Integrated Loading Mechanism (ILM) to enable better cooling performance of CPU coolers through optimized contact pressure.

Due to the changed dimensions of the Intel Raptor Lake (Intel Core 13th and 14th Gen) for the Intel Socket LGA1700 compared to the Socket 1200 processors (and older generations, such as Socket LGA115X) as well as the associated changes to the dimensions of the socket, New mounting brackets for CPU coolers have become necessary.

Additionally, the standard ILM only has contact points in the middle of the elongated CPU. Due to the resulting uneven contact pressure of the processor into the socket, the surface of the Integrated Heatspreader (IHS) bulges concavely, which means that the base plate of the CPU cooler rests primarily on the edges of the IHS and thus the thermal "hotspot" in the middle of the CPU is not covered.

Overclocking to the limit
The Intel 13th and 14th Gen CPU Contact Frame replaces the ILM of the motherboard. A special inner contour, which transfers the contact pressure from the center to the edges during assembly, prevents the CPU from becoming concave. This means that the potential contact area with the CPU cooler is larger and the “hotspot” in particular can be better covered.

Warning: Removing the CPU heat spreader and the motherboard socket holder (retention module) is done at your own risk and is always accompanied by the complete loss of the manufacturer's guarantee and warranty !

Note: There are a few Z790 motherboards that require longer screws due to the thickness of the PCB. We include these screws in the scope of delivery of newer batches of the Contact Frame. However, older units can still be delivered, which is why the longer screws can be requested free of charge from our customer serviceif required using the contact form .

Technical details:
- Dimensions: 51 x 6 x 71 mm (W x H x D)
- Material: anodized aluminum
- Color: Black
- Compatibility: Intel LGA 1700 (Intel 13th and 14th Gen "Raptor Lake")

Scope of delivery:
- 1x 13th and 14th Gen. CPU Contact Frame
- 1x T20 angle wrench

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