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Pulsar ES2 Mouse Pad 3mm XL Black

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The ES2 Gaming Mouse Pad is designed for e-sports and has an ultra-precision woven hybrid surface that gives you instant friction, and a slow to medium sliding speed with very good stopping power. With its newly developed alpha cell base material, this mouse pad provides good stopping power and cushioning. The 3mm thickness provides a soft to medium cushioning and bouncy feel that makes playing more comfortable and stable with its ultimate anti-slip base.
  • Uniformly woven fine polyhybrid surface
  • Speed: Slow to medium glide
  • Stopping: Very good stopping power
  • Back with Anti-Slip material
  • ES2 eSports Gaming Mousepad
  • Available in several sizes
Alpha-cell is a revolutionary, ultra-high-density memory cell polyurethane base material. Its unique memory cell and micro pattern have a sticky property that means the eS-2 mouse pad will stick to your desk like no other mouse pad. This makes the mouse pad extra good for players who tend to make quick mouse movements.

With these features combined with a stylish design, you can expect the best performance for your gaming.


Thickness 3 mm
Width 490 mm
Depth 420 mm

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