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Phanteks Universal Hi-Res Display White

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Upgrade your gaming PC with a secondary screen using the Phanteks 5.5" Hi-Res display. This boasts a 2560 x 1440 IPS panel with a 60Hz refresh rate. What’s more, this display will be visible even when positioned next to your RGB hardware, thanks to the 450 nit brightness. As this is essentially a second display output for your PC, this screen can be used to showcase anything your normal monitor could but is ideally suited for showing system information or animations to complement your computer’s aesthetic. Additionally, the 5.5" Hi-Res display can be placed almost anywhere, as it features multiple mounting options. Furthermore, with an included HDMI and SATA cable, the Phanteks 5.5" Hi-Res display is ready to go straight out the box.


  • 5.5" IPS panel
  • 2560 x 1440 resolution display
  • 60Hz refresh rate and 450 nit brightness
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Plug-and-play with HDMI and SATA cables included
  • Can be orientated either vertically or horizontally


The Phanteks 5.5" Hi-Res display acts as a secondary screen for your computer, meaning anything that can be displayed on your monitor can be shown on this as well. Whether you want to check your system information at a glance or add a pleasing animation to the inside of your case, the Phanteks 5.5" Hi-Res display can do it all. The output of the Phanteks 5.5" Hi-Res display will be crystal clear as it features a 1440p panel, 60Hz refresh rate, and 99% sRGB support. What’s more, the LED backlighting allows this screen to stand out, even when positioned next to your RGB hardware, thanks to its ability to reach 450 nits peak brightness.

On top of this, the Phanteks 5.5" Hi-Res display boasts excellent versatility. This screen comes with three options for mounting, the first is a set of powerful magnets that allow it to stick to any steel surface in your case. The second is to stand the screen on its own using a pair of included legs. These legs allow the 5.5" Hi-Res display to stand up straight or be angled back slightly. Lastly, the Phanteks 5.5" Hi-res display can be mounted to a 120mm fan bracket. This is achieved via screw holes located on the legs of the screen, meaning that the legs need to be installed first to mount to a fan bracket. Additionally, this display can be orientated both vertically and horizontally, as the mounting points are located on both the long and short edges of the body.

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