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The Phanteks T30-120 fans are premium 120mm fans with three different software controlled modes: advanced, performance and hybrid. These enable you to customize the fans’ operations to your preference. They are constructed from industrial grade materials such as glass fibre reinforced LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) and with a thickness of 30mm the corresponding thicker blades yet further improves efficiency.


  • Made from premium components
  • SUNON 3-phase motor and Dual Vapo bearings
  • Effective as a radiator and case fans
  • 30mm depth for add efficiency and stability


Designed with Sunon, a leading fan manufacturer, the Phanteks T30-120 fans are effective radiator cooler or case fans. They work well for radiators due to their high airflow and static pressure, while their low noise output makes them suitable for case fans.

Each fan has three distinct profiles: performance mode (default system mode), hybrid mode (quiet semi-passive cooling) and advanced mode (for maximum performance). This let you select the right cooling option for your build. Each mode offers differences in speed and efficiency, making the fans perfect for performance-oriented overclockers or alternatively for those who want a near silent build.

The construction of the fans is also exceptional with the frame, rotor, and fan blades being made of a glass fibre reinforced LCP material (Liquid Crystal Polymer). This material offers improved mechanical strength and temperature resistance compared to typical plastics.


  • Number of fans: 3
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 30 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 230 g
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Liquid crystal polymer (frame, rotor), rubber (vibration dampers)
  • Bearing: Dual Vapo
  • Advanced profile:
    Speed: 3,000 ±150 rpm
    Delivery volume: 171.4 m³/h
    Static pressure: 7.11 mmH2O
    Loudness: 39.7 dB(A)
    Amperage: 0.36 A
    Power consumption: 4.32 W
  • Performance profile:
    Speed: 2,000 ±100 rpm
    Delivery volume: 113.6 m³/h
    Static pressure: 3.3 mmH2O
    Loudness: 27.3 dB(A)
    Amperage: 0.13 A
    Power consumption: 1.58 W
  • Hybrid profile:
    Speed: 1,200 ±75 rpm
    Delivery volume: 66.4 m³/h
    Static pressure: 1.27 mmH2O
    Loudness: 11.1 dB(A)
    Amperage: 0.05 A
    Power consumption: 0.55 W
  • Operating voltage: 10.2 to 13.2 V
  • Connection: 4-pin PWM (daisy chain)
  • Cable length: 130 mm + 500 mm extension cable
  • MTTF: 150,000 h
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 6 years
  • Scope of delivery:
    1x T30-120 fan
    1x 4-pin extension cable
    4x fan screws
    4x Radiator screws 36 mm
    4x Radiator + HALOS screws 39 mm

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