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All orders placed from 25th May will be dispatched on Tuesday 28th May onwards.
All orders placed from 25th May will be dispatched on Tuesday 28th May onwards.

Phanteks Glacier One 240D30 Black A-RGB 240mm AIO Liquid Cooler

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Power up your gaming PC’s cooling with a Phanteks Glacier One D30 AiO. Ideal for modern builds, the Glacier One D30 is compatible with both Intel 13th Gen and AMD Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs. The pump is both powerful and whisper quiet, as it can reach speeds of 3100RPM with a maximum noise level of only 20dB(A). To dissipate heat efficiently, the Phanteks Glacier One D30 utilises a 27mm thick aluminium radiator. Furthermore, these AiOs include the phenomenal D30 fans which, thanks to their 30mm thickness, provide fantastic performance with an airflow of 64.3CFM at a static pressure of 3.01mmH2O. What’s more, the Phanteks Glacier One D30 AiO will look fantastic in any build, as they feature amazing aesthetics, boasting beautiful RGB lighting on both the fans and pump, as well as minimal cable clutter because of the daisy chain design.


  • Compatible with the latest Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Large 240mm radiator to dissipate heat
  • Two 30mm thick Phanteks D30 fans included
  • Rotary fittings on pump to maximise RAM clearance
  • Proprietary daisy chain design for fans for minimal cables
  • Beautiful RGB lighting on pump and fans


The Phanteks Glacier One D30 AiO provides exceptional cooling performance for a wide range of CPUs, such as those with Intel LGA1700 and AMD AM5 sockets. This AiO features superb build quality utilising premium materials, including copper, aluminium, and ABS plastics. To create the ideal flow rate around the loop, the Glacier One D30 is equipped with a pump that spins at 3100RPM. This allows it to efficiently carry heat away from a CPU, where it can be dissipated from the large radiator. To produce the optimal airflow through the radiator, this AiO is equipped with two D30 fans.

What’s more, the Glacier One D30 AiO is whisper quiet. In fact, the pump reaches a maximum volume of just 20dB(A). That’s as quiet as leaves rustling. Additionally, the D30 fans are also almost silent, producing just 30.2dB(A) of noise, which is equivalent to a library.


The exceptional D30 fans included with this AiO offer several innovations that make them an exceptional choice for cooling your gaming PC. One such feature is their proprietary daisy chain design, where each fan’s connector is located on the corner of the frame. Multiple fans can be linked using a series of specialised clips that bridges them, creating a cluster of fans with minimal seams.

Additionally, Phanteks D30 fans have been manufactured to be slightly thicker than traditional models. In fact, a D30 fan is 30mm thick, in comparison to the standard 25mm. By making the fans thicker, they can facilitate exceptional performance without needing to spin as fast. As such these fans can produce a maximum airflow of 64.3CFM with a static pressure of 3.01mmH2O, while only spinning at 2000RPM.


Utilising the Phanteks Glacier One D30 AiO, your gaming PC will look both clean and beautiful. As the innovative D30 fans require a single cable to control multiple fans at once, clutter is kept to a minimum. What’s more, the D30 fans also come with a set of screw cover plates, which clip over the screw holes on the fans. This creates a clean aesthetic for the fan cluster, helping to conceal both the seams between each fan and the screws used to secure them in place.

Additionally, the Phanteks D30 AiO boasts beautiful DRGB lighting on the pump and D30 fans. The pump features four light diffusers across the middle of its cover plate, with two more along the edge, whilst the D30 fans harness Phanteks HALOS lighting system, with multiple LEDS located around the frame. The light from these LEDs can is channelled through the frame by several diffusers that are located both on the top and sides of the frame. Additionally, the white blades of the fan also reflect the light, helping to create a smooth and beautiful effect.

What's more, controlling this lighting is made simple, as both the pump and fans utilise a standard 3-pin RGB connector. This allows for easy integration with other Phanteks lighting products, such as a controller or case for manual control. Alternatively, you can plug them in directly to your motherboard, allowing you to control the lighting with your favourite software, such as Razer Chroma, ASUS Aura Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.


  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Radiator:
    Dimensions: 277 x 120 x 27 mm (L x W x H)
    Material: Aluminium
  • Pump:
    Dimensions: 76 x 64 x 51.4 mm (L x W x H)
    Material: Copper, ABS
    Speed: max. 3100 rpm + 10% (100% Duty Cycle)
    Noise level: max. 20 dB(A)
    Cable length: 490 mm
    Power consumption: 12 V / 0.38 A – 0.45A, 4.56 W – 5.4W
    D-RGB: 3-Pin D-RGB LED Strip
    D-RGB Cable Length: 500mm + 90mm Daisy Chain
  • Tubes:
    Length: 400 mm (sleeved)
    Diameter: 10.5 mm
    Material: CIIR rubber with black braided sleeves
    Special features: 3 clips included, movable fittings
  • Fans:
    Type: 2x 120
    Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 120 mm (W x H x D)
    Weight: 230 g
    Colour: Black
    Speed: 250 – 2000 + 10% RPM
    Airflow: 64.3 CFM
    Static pressure: 3.01 mmH2O
    Noise: 30.2 dB(A)
    Operating voltage: 10.2 to 13.2 V
    Connection: 4-pin PWM (daisy chain)
    Cable Length: 700 mm Daisy Chain
    D-RGB Cable length: 100 mm + 600 mm extension cable
    D-RGB Connector: 3-Pin d-rgb Daisy Chain
  • Compatibility:
    Intel socket: 1700, 115x, 1200, 2011(-V3), 2066
    AMD socket: AM4, AM5, sTRX4, TR4 (bracket not included)
  • Manufacturer warranty: 5 years

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