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All orders placed from 25th May will be dispatched on Tuesday 28th May onwards.
All orders placed from 25th May will be dispatched on Tuesday 28th May onwards.

Lian-Li UNI FAN P28 Performance White 120mm Triple Pack

SKU: UF-P28120-3W
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Lian Li’s P28 UNI fans have been designed to offer uncompromising performance, with exceptional airflow and static pressure. The P28 fan triple pack contains a magnetic fan speed controller, that can be attached to any metal surface within your case. This controller features three settings each designed to provide different fan performance. When set to their highest setting, these fans have a maximum speed of 2600RPM, at which they can produce 92CFM of airflow, with a static pressure of 4.79mmH2O. What's more, these fans have been optimised for restricted airflow such as when mounted on a radiator. As such, they remain whisper quiet even when operating at maximum speeds, reaching just 32.1dB(A). To accomplish this outstanding performance, Lian Li has made several innovations in the construction of the P28 UNI fan. This includes utilising liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) for the fan blades, and improvements to the motor design. Furthermore, Lian Li’s P28 fans are ideal for those who want high-performance fans without any RGB lighting. With that said, it is possible to add lighting to these fans with an optional lighting kit (sold separately).


  • Innovative daisy-chain design
  • 28mm thickness for improved performance
  • LCP fan blades that improve performance and reduce vibrations
  • Maximum airflow of 92CFM, with a static air pressure of 4.79mmH2O
  • Recessed screw holes allow for easy installation with 25mm screws
  • Sophisticated aesthetic with no RGB lighting


Lian Li’s P28 UNI fans have been designed to deliver outstanding cooling performance. To achieve this several innovations have been incorporated into the P28, such as making these fans slightly thicker than standard. The P28 UNI fan is 28mm deep which is 3mm larger than many fans, this extra size allows for increased airflow and static pressure. In addition to the extra depth, the P28 UNI fans also utilise LCP for the fan blades. LCP is a strong material, which reduces vibrations in the blades, allowing the fan impeller to be widened, reaching just 0.6mm away from the frame.

In addition to their premium build quality, the P28 fans are also easy to operate thanks to a manual speed controller. Featuring three modes, you can adjust the performance of your fans to suit your needs. In Silent mode, your P28 fans are limited to 1300RPM, but still provide impressive performance, with a maximum airflow of 44.94 CFM with static air pressure of 1.3mmH2O. When set to Normal, your fan will be able to reach speeds of 2200RPM, with maximum airflow of 77.76CFM and static air pressure of 3.62. The last mode is called Performance, which has a maximum speed of the fan increases to 2600RPM, which produces airflow of 92CFM, with static air pressure of 4.79mmH2O.

In addition to the refinements to fan size, the motor of these fans has seen several updates. This includes securing the impeller to the shaft through an all-metal bearing shell. Additionally, the shaft of the motor is reinforced with copper shielding. What’s more, to keep the impeller stable, a magnetic ring is seated within the bearing shell, and more magnets are also incorporated within the frame of the fan. Through the interaction of these two sets of magnets, the fan is held stable. With all these innovations combined, the P28 produces minimal noise, even when operating at high speeds.


The P28 UNI fan features Lian Li’s innovative daisy chain design, where you can connect multiple fans to a fan header with a single cable. To achieve this result, the frame of the fans features both contact pins and a contact pad. A further fan can be added to this for control of three fans with a single cable. What’s more, a second cluster can be daisy chained from this first one for a total of six fans controlled from a single header. Furthermore, the interlocking key locks are easily removed, letting you use a set of P28 UNI fans effortlessly with radiators.

Something you may notice that distinguishes the Lian Li P28 UNI fans from many of their contemporaries is that they don’t feature any RGB lighting. This makes them ideal for the enthusiast who wants to build a high-performance gaming PC, without any RGB. However, if you do want to add lighting to these outstanding fans, you can by simply removing one of the aluminium side strips and replacing it with an ARGB lighting (sold separately).

Fan size 120 mm
Fan height 28 mm
Width 120 mm
Length 120 mm
Weight 1 kg
Primary Colour White
Internal Ports
Fan connectors 4 Pin (PWM)
Set Yes
Lighting No
Fan Specifications
max. Fan rpm 2600 rpm
min. Fan rpm 200 rpm
max. Static pressure 4.79 mH2O
min. Static pressure 1.3 mH2O
max. Single fan airflow 92 m³/h
min. Single fan airflow 44.94 m³/h
max. Single fan noise dB(A) 32.1 dB(A)
min. Single fan noise dB(A) 20.4 dB(A)

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