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Lian Li O11 Vision Chrome Glass ATX Case

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Lian Li has partnered with PCMR to design the O11D Vision Chrome, resulting in a case that boasts amazing build quality, gorgeous aesthetics, and excellent features. The O11 Vision Chrome shares many features with the classic O11 Series cases, such as a dual-chambered design, customisable layout, extensive hardware support, and outstanding airflow. However, what sets it apart from its brethren is the triple-tempered glass panels, a stylish mirror finish, and no support columns. Due to the properties of this material, your RGB lighting will be visible through the glass whilst the rest of your hardware is concealed. Thanks to this, a gaming PC built with the Lian Li O11 Vision Chrome will be a unique centrepiece for any gaming battle station.


  • Triple tempered glass panels with a mirrored finish
  • Supports up to E-ATX motherboards
  • Mount two 360mm and a 240mm radiator simultaneously
  • Removable motherboard tray for easy installation
  • 455mm of clearance for large GPUs
  • Phenomenal cable management options


The Lian Li O11 Vision Chrome is a stylish addition to any gaming set-up, featuring 3-4mm thick tempered glass panelling on the front, side, and top. Each of these glass panels boasts a unique mirror finish with the properties of one-way glass. Light can escape from inside the case, as such your RGB devices will be fully visible whilst your other hardware is concealed by the mirror. What’s more, these panels are held in place without any support pillars or columns, meaning your lighting will be visible from any angle through the glass.

An innovative lock and key system is utilised to hold these glass panels in place. The front panel features the lock in its top left corner, whilst the top and side panels each feature a key in one of their corners which slot into the lock, securely holding each panel in place. These key locks are rated to support up to 35kg of force. That’s the equivalent of a beagle! These glass panels will stay in place against any bumps or knocks.

In addition to this, the O11 Vision Chrome is fantastic at hiding your cables. With its dual chamber design, you’ll have plenty of room to cable manage in the second compartment. To make this job simpler, two flexible cable clips are included. These feature a large metal clip to secure your larger cables, such as the 24-pin power in place. Meanwhile, the Velcro straps on the back of the clips are for managing smaller cables, such as fan or RGB wiring. Plus, there are plenty of silicone gromets for easy access between the two chambers, with two optional silicone covers for hiding pass-throughs used in certain configurations of the chassis.


The Lian Li O11 Series is well known for being versatile and easy to build in. The Lian Li O11 Vision Chrome PC case continues this trend. Every panel and bracket in the O11 Vision Chrome are designed to be easily removable without the need for tools. To achieve this, many of the panels are secured by captive thumb screws, including the motherboard tray.

Because of this, all the internals of the case are easy to access so building a computer in the O11 Vision Chrome is simple. What’s more, the removable motherboard tray allows you to assemble the core components of your gaming PC outside of the case, making assembly that much easier.

In addition to this, the O11 Vision Chrome boasts excellent adaptability, with two layouts for the motherboard tray, a reversible side fan bracket, and removable drive cages. Moreover, the O11 Vision Chrome supports a wide range of hardware, such as E-ATX motherboards and 455mm long GPUs. Building your dream gaming PC will be a breeze using the O11 Vision Chrome.


With the Lian Li O11 Vision Chrome, your PC can easily maintain peak thermal performance, thanks to the phenomenal cooling potential offered. With 27mm feet, you can position the O11 Vision Chrome on almost any surface, and it will have ample access to cool air. What’s more, the bottom panel features a fine mesh filter to prevent debris from entering, which can be easily extracted for cleaning. In addition to this, the removable 13mm hollow bracket is perfect for installing both fans and radiators. In fact, you can mount up to a 360mm radiator as well as three 140mm fans.

Next to the motherboard tray is a side fan bracket, which boasts multiple possible configurations. This frame is removable, for easy installation of cooling hardware, and can also be reversed. Because of this, you can create a wide range of cooling configurations, without interfering with other hardware. In fact, you can mount a 360mm radiator alongside six 120mm fans arranged in a push pull setup, and still have plenty of room.

Finally, at the rear of the case, your cooling arrangement depends on how you position the motherboard tray. When the tray is installed in 'high mode', you can mount a single 120mm fan or radiator at the rear of the case. Meanwhile, if you opt for the 'low mode', the room for cooling hardware increases to 240mm, ideal for a radiator or two 120mm fans.

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