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Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL Case Black

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The Lian Li O11D EVO XL is the next evolution of the hugely popular case series, receiving multiple subtle upgrades that together add up to a large boost in performance. Just some of the innovations Lian Li has made to the O11D EVO XL include an increased case size, better ventilation, removable front support pillar, and highly flexible internal configuration. Thanks to its larger size, you’ll be able to install the latest gaming hardware, such as an NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU, E-ATX motherboards, and triple 420mm radiators. Display your prized GPU in style, as the O11D EVO XL can facilitate horizontal, vertical, and upright configurations (optional bracket sold separately). Even better, the enlarged rear compartment provides ample space for cable management, and the inclusion of three dual-layered clips means you can create the cleanest cable runs.


  • Easily customisable case that requires minimal tools
  • Supports up to E-ATX motherboards
  • Mount up to three 420mm radiators simultaneously
  • Removable front support pillar for unobstructed view of hardware
  • Versatile mounting options for 460mm length GPUs
  • Multiple locations to mount front I/O


Lian Li has taken their spectacular O11D EVO case and increased its size by 38%! The Lian Li O11D EVO XL stands at 530.9mm high, 304mm wide, and 522mm deep. Thanks to this larger design, it can accommodate the latest powerful components. With 460mm of clearance for GPUs, the Lian Li O11D EVO XL can easily mount large graphics cards such as the NVIDIA RTX 4090. What’s more, you can maintain an Intel 13th Gen or AMD Ryzen 7000 Series CPU at optimum temperatures, as the O11D EVO XL can facilitate CPU coolers up to 167mm tall.

Alongside this, the Lian Li O11D EVO XL also has better access to fresh air as the openings on both the top and sides have been enlarged. The top panel has been increased by 14.65%, while the side openings have been made 14% larger. Take full advantage of this increased access to fresh air, as the Lian Li O11D EVO XL can accommodate up to three 420mm radiators at the same time. One radiator can be mounted at the top, with a second at the bottom of the case, and the third can then be installed in the removable side bracket.

The Lian Li O11D EVO XL also has a larger rear compartment. This chamber can easily accommodate a variety of components, including ATX PSUs that measure up to 220mm in length. Above and below the PSU mounting point are two drive cages, which can each facilitate two 3.5" HDDs or two 2.5" SSDs. Additionally, there is even room for a 15mm thick 120mm fan to be mounted on these cages to provide them with dedicated cooling. Three more 2.5" SSD mounting points are also located in this rear compartment.


The Lian Li O11D EVO XL is the perfect case to showcase your building skills. With tempered glass panelling and a removable support pillar, you'll have an unobstructed view of your gaming hardware. Furthermore, the O11D EVO XL can be reversed, like its original counterpart, letting you build a gaming PC that looks good from all angles.

With this case, your cable runs will be super clean, as the large rear compartment features innovative management options. This includes multiple cable covers that hide your cables from view. Additionally, the Lian Li O11D EVO XL comes with three dual-layer cable clips, made up of a large metal piece that holds bigger cables securely in place and a Velcro strap perfect for holding small cables.

To complete the stylish design, the Lian Li O11D EVO XL boasts a vibrant ARGB strip located along the front edge of the case. This light strip is easy to control, with built-in Mode and Control buttons next to the power and reset. These allow you to cycle through seven lighting effects and colours. Moreover, you can sync this LED strip to the rest of your components, through a RGB header on your motherboard. With Lian Li L-Connect 3 software, you will be able to create unique lighting affects with all your Lian Li RGB products.


Lian Li has engineered the O11D EVO XL to be highly customisable. Through ample use of easy release brackets, quick latches, and thumb screws, you’ll need minimal tools to make any alterations. One simple change is the position of your front I/O, as it can be moved to the front, rear, or side of the case. No matter what configuration you choose for your chassis, you’ll have easy access to multiple USB ports.

The motherboard is another example of this focus on flexible configurations, with support for both E-ATX motherboards and three mounting positions. These positions allow for varying thicknesses of radiators to be mounted. In the default, configuration the top mounting point can facilitate an 82mm thick radiator, while the bottom has 90mm clearance space. When moved to the upper position, the top can only accommodate a 46mm thick radiator, while the bottom increases to 126mm of clearance. Lastly when in the lower position you can install a 118mm thick radiator in the top, and a 54mm radiator at the bottom.

The GPU position is another highly adjustable aspect of the Lian Li O11D EVO XL, offering both vertical and upright options. The Lian Li universal mounting bracket (sold separately) can be used to mount your graphics card vertically. What’s more, this bracket is also highly configurable, as its height can be adjusted from 41.2mm off the bottom to 153.8mm. For the upright mounting option, you will require the upright GPU bracket (sold separately). This allows you to attach your graphics card to the side fan bracket for a unique aesthetic.

Customer Reviews

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Zechariah Mansary
Really happy

Case was great to build in

Just the best!!

Couldn’t be happier with this case going from its smaller brother, I now have way more room to do custom watercooling in the future. Highly recommend.


Perfect case for any build. Very happy with it.