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Lian Li Galahad II LCD Performance ARGB Black 280mm AIO Liquid Cooler

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Upgrade your cooling with the Lian Li Galahad II LCD AIO, their first cooler to feature a 2.88" IPS display. Optimised for both Intel LGA 1700 and AMD AM5, the Galahad II LCD AIO is the perfect thermal solution for a range of modern CPUs. To maximise the cooling performance, this AIO utilises an Asetek 8th generation pump that can deliver up to a 100W improvement in cooling performance compared to previous generations. What’s more, the large radiator which features 20 fins per inch, boasts a large surface area to dissipate heat into the surrounding air. To create the perfect airflow through the radiator, the Galahad II LCD AIO features two high performance ARGB fans. Additionally, the Galahad II LCD AIO will look fantastic when installed within your gaming PC, as it features a 480 x 480 IPS display and beautiful ARGB lighting.


  • Compatible with the latest Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Large 280mm radiator to dissipate heat
  • 480 x 480 IPS display built into the pump cap
  • Innovative 45-degree fittings on radiator
  • 8th gen Asetek pump for increased water flow
  • Vibrant ARGB lighting on both CPU block and fans


The Lian Li Galahad II LCD AIO uses an 8th Gen Asetek pump to move coolant around its loop. This powerful pump features innovations that allow it to achieve an amazing 100W improvement in performance over previous generation. This includes utilising a 3-phase motor which has been precision engineered to deliver higher flow rates and quieter operation. Additionally, the cold plate has been optimised, with an increased surface area for dissipating heat and minimising water resistance. This reduction in resistance inside the pump, coupled with increased diameter pipes, ensures that the coolant can easily flow through the loop.


Installing the Lian Li Galahad II LCD AIO has been made even simpler. Each cooler comes with fans pre-installed on the radiator, reducing the number of steps involved with mounting your radiator to your chassis. Furthermore, the 45-degree fittings allow the radiator to easily be secured in any position within your PC case. Cable clutter is kept to a minimum, due to the dedicated recess in the fan frame and daisy chain technology. What’s more, the cables can be routed along the pipes where they can be connected directly to the pump block.

The Galahad II LCD AIO is controlled through three cables. The pump block features two ports, one is for power via a SATA connection, and the second is a USB Type-C port, allowing for L-Connect 3 integration. In addition to these, the block also has a non-modular PWM cable, allowing for direct control of both pump and fan speeds through a single header.

Lian Li has also ensured that mounting the block is hassle free. The CPU contact plate boasts pre-applied thermal paste for transferring heat between your processor and cooler. If you need to remove your cooler at any point after installation, an extra tube of thermal compound is included within the scope of delivery, allowing you to easily remount the block.


The Lian Li Galahad II LCD AIO is their first cooler to feature a 2.88" IPS display. This 480 x 480 screen can be used for a wide variety of tasks. This includes displaying important system information, such as CPU temperatures or in game frame rates. Alongside this, you can utilise the screen for enhancing the aesthetics of your gaming PC. For the ultimate personalised touch, this screen supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, or even MP4 files, allowing you to display custom content, such as a screen capture of your favourite game.

Each of these displays can be further enhanced, as the Galahad II LCD AIO launches with several effects. These include Rain, Snow, Fireworks, Floating Words, Twist Hole, Mandala, Blossom, Time Tunnel, and Time. Many of these animations can be combined with your media, such as adding rain effects to an image or video. You can even put an animated graphic behind your system information for a unique finish.

Controlling the Galahad II LCD AIO is simple thanks to L-Connect 3. With this user-friendly application, you can control the pump and fan speeds, allowing you to create the ideal conditions for cooling your CPU. In addition to this, you can manage the aesthetics of the Galahad II LCD AIO. This includes setting up the LCD with images, videos, and effects, as well as controlling the RGB lighting on the pump and ARGB fans. What’s more, you can also sync any other Lian Li RGB products together with the Galahad II to create a unified theme across your gaming PC.

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