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All orders placed from 25th May will be dispatched on Tuesday 28th May onwards.
All orders placed from 25th May will be dispatched on Tuesday 28th May onwards.

Jonsbo TK-2 2.0 White ATX Glass Case

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The Jonsbo TK-2 is a unique take on the highly popular dual-chamber design. This mid-tower case boasts an innovative dual-bend tempered glass panel that stretches from the front of the chassis to the rear. Because of this, you have a panoramic view of all your gaming hardware. Plus, the double bends of this glass panel add to its tensile strength, allowing this panel to act as a support to the chassis structure. What’s more, with an added shatter-resistant film and shock-absorbing O-rings on the mounting points, the chances of any damage to the panel are kept to a minimum. Alongside this unique feature, the Jonsbo TK-2 can accommodate a wide range of hardware, including ATX motherboards, GPUs up to 405mm long, and two storage drives. The TK-2 also boasts outstanding cooling performance, with a vertical airflow design and the option to install up to nine fans alongside two radiators.


  • Mid-tower case with dual chambers
  • Single tempered glass panel with dual bends providing a panoramic view
  • Support for GPUs up to 405mm long
  • Install ATX power supplies up to 220mm long
  • Vertical airflow cooling design
  • Fully featured front I/O


The Jonsbo TK-2 features a dual-chamber layout, with a distinctive aesthetic. The most obvious characteristic of the TK-2 is the tempered glass panel of the chassis. Whereas most other dual-chamber cases employ two or more flat pieces of tempered glass, the Jonsbo TK-2 utilises a single glass panel that stretches from the front of the case all the way to the back. It features two curves along its length, and you can enjoy a seamless view of all your gaming hardware. In addition to this, its unique profile helps to make it more damage resistant. Further enhancing the strength of this panel, Jonsbo has added a thin film to the glass, reducing the chances of it shattering. Moreover, the mounting holes of the panel also feature a 2.5mm thick rubber O-ring which acts as a shock absorber increasing the TK-2's resistance to shocks.



Thanks to its dual chamber design, you can install a wide range of gaming hardware within the Jonsbo TK-2. Within the main chamber, there is room for Mini-ITX, M-ATX, and ATX motherboards, meaning this chassis is perfect for a wide range of PC builds. Alongside this, you can mount a large GPU due to the seven expansion slots and clearance of up to 405mm. This is ample room for even the most powerful graphics card from NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel.

The large rear chamber allows you to mount a PSU up to 220mm in length. Alongside the power supply, there is ample room for storage. In fact, there are two options available for storage, you can choose to have two 3.5" HDDs or a single 3.5" HDD and a 2.5" SSD. Furthermore, cable management is easy with the TK-2. There is ample room for all your wiring to be stored in the rear chamber, and multiple points where they can be secured to the case with cable ties.


Any hardware installed in the Jonsbo TK-2 will be able to operate at peak performance, this is due to the exceptional cooling design of this chassis. The Jonsbo TK-1 acts as a vertical wind tunnel, where air is drawn through the base of the case, then channelled over your hardware and subsequently exhausted out the top. Doing this, Jonsbo cleverly harnesses the power of convection, where heated air particles become less dense, and thus rise above cooler air particles.

To create the ideal airflow through the TK-2, you can mount three 120mm fans on the base. This serves to draw air in through the large dust filter that stretches across the whole panel. Furthermore, a 360mm radiator can be mounted alongside these fans, however with this configuration the bottom 2.5 PCIe slots will not be accessible. Additionally, three 120mm fans can be installed to the side of the motherboard. As these fans are positioned pointing towards the curved section of the tempered glass panel, airflow will be redirected over all your gaming hardware. At the top of the Jonsbo TK-2, there is room for two 140mm or three 120mm fans, as well as either a 280mm or 360mm radiator.


The rear compartment also has plenty of access to fresh air, with the rear, base, and side panels all featuring perforations. In fact, the side panel features two large air intakes, the first being positioned so that your PSU’s fan can draw air directly into itself. And the second provides the side fans direct access to fresh air.

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