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IT Dusters CompuCleaner Xpert Air Duster

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The CompuCleaner Xpert is the range topping, duel speed electric air duster from IT Dusters. Meticulously designed and tested in the UK, the Xpert has been engineered to achieve new levels of performance. With more power and control than any other handheld air duster, the Xpert is the ultimate professional cleaning tool.

Power & Control
Using an upgraded 550 Watt power unit, the Xpert delivers an intense jet of clean and filtered air through its highly directional internal channels and nozzle attachments. This combination of air flow accuracy and pure power enables deeper and more thorough cleaning.

‘With great power, comes great responsibility’… this famous advice played a key role in the development of the CompuCleaner Xpert. With two air speed settings, the intensity of the Xpert can easily be controlled with a simple flick of a switch.

  • Stage 1 Speed: Perfect for delicate cleaning tasks in enclosed spaces
  • Stage 2 Speed: Designed for the all out power, stubborn dust or hard to reach areas

Professional Results
The CompuCleaner Xpert comes supplied with a selection of 4 nozzle attachments and 3 premium ESD micro cleaning brushes. Using the brushes alongside the powerful jet of air, ensures every last speck of dust can be removed from delicate and hard to reach areas.

Unlike aerosol air spray which loses power and has a short life time, the CompuCleaner Xpert produces a consistent and never ending supply of clean and dry air. This means you can clean more thoroughly and produce a professional finish every time. Trusted by organisations such as, NHS, Toshiba and BBC to name a few, the CompuCleaner Xpert provides professional cleaning to state of the art appliances daily.

Part of our design philosophy is to reduce waste and maximise value for money. By reducing the need for disposable air spray cans, the CompuCleaner Xpert saves you money and reduces waste in the long run. Using a powerful yet efficient mains powered electric motor, allows the CompuCleaner Xpert to deliver sustainable high performance cleaning which will last years… not seconds like canned air sprays!