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Glorious Panda Lubed Tactile Switches

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Switch: Glorious Panda
Type: Tactile
Operating Force: 67g
Pre Travel: 2mm
Total Travel: 4mm

Mount Type: 3-Pin
Factory Lubed

Equip your GMMK Pro or Cherry profile keyboard with the Glorious Panda Switches Pre-Lubed and enjoy a fully optimised experience straight from the box. The upper housing, stem, and spring have all be lubricated with Glorious G-Lube, to make for smoother performance and enhanced sound. That “thonk” has never been so satisfying! Manufactured from premium materials sourced all around Asia, the original INVYR tooling has been used but upgraded with Glorious branding. Feel the uncompromising quality as you relish the tactile feedback.

Here is what trusted gaming critic, Brandon Taylor, has to say about the Glorious Panda Switches Pre-Lubed:

In this case, Glorious has created something that’s not a 1-to-1 of the original Holy Panda, but something new. A Holy Panda that removes some of that scratchiness and creates a smoother experience... As a stock switch, these are my favourite tactiles.


  • Pre-lubed Panda switches for fully optimised performance out of the box
  • Tactile typing experience with short pre-travel distance and snappy upstroke
  • Manufactured from premium materials for upgraded internals
  • Smooth operation with a strong bump at the start of the downstroke
  • Created from original INVYR Panda housing with Glorious branding
  • 36 switches included in box contents, with upper housing, spring, and stem all lubed
  • Compatible with all GMMK Pro and Cherry profile keyboards


Although created from the original INVYR tooling, the Glorious Panda Switched Pre-Lubed are new and improved with an upgraded aesthetic and choice of materials. Sporting Glorious branding, every material has been meticulously sourced to provide durability alongside a premium typing experience.

These switches come pre-lubricated to ensure optimised performance straight out of the box. Of the various components, the upper housing, spring, and stem of the Glorious Panda Switches have been lubricated with Glorious’ own G-Lube. By utilising their own brand, Glorious can ensure uncompromising quality and enhanced sound with every switch.


Part of the joy with typing on Glorious Panda Switches Pre-Lubed is the tactile feedback with every keystroke. A new, smoother experience, there is a short pre-travel before a strong bump on the downstroke, followed by a snappy upstroke. All paired with that satisfying “thonk” you get with mechanical keyboards. Equip these switches in Glorious GMMK Pro Barebone keyboards or any mechanical keyboard with a Cherry profile. Their standard, 3-pin bottom shell makes the Glorious Panda Switches suitable for a wide range of keyboards.

It should be noted that any RGB lighting may appear dimmer as the housing is not transparent.


Every component of the Glorious Panda Switches Pre-Lubed has been manufactured utilising premium grade materials, sourced across Asia. For the top shell, a sturdy polycarbonate has been selected for its strong and hard structure. New and improved, the stem is manufactured using POM, a highly crystalline, superior performing polymer. This thermoplastic is perfect for precision parts thanks to its high stiffness and low friction properties.

Nikel-plated, the 67g spring is constructed from stainless steel creating a consistent click with every keystroke, whilst the leaf is made using premium-grade copper. Finally, the bottom shell also using the original INVYR tooling and is created with premium Nylon PA66. Overall, these materials create cohesive durability and a stable structure.