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49" Gigabyte AORUS CO49DQ 1440p Ultrawide 144Hz QD-OLED Gaming Monitor

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5120 x 1440

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AORUS CO49DQ OLED Curved Gaming Monitor

Immerse yourself in gaming excellence with the AORUS CO49DQ Gaming Monitor and its captivating 49-inch curved OLED display. Witness vibrant colours and deep contrasts as the OLED technology brings every pixel to life. With a remarkable 144Hz refresh rate and an ultra-responsive 0.03ms response time, enjoy unparalleled gaming fluidity. The Dual QHD resolution ensures crystal-clear visuals. Elevate your gaming experience with the AORUS CO49DQ, where the brilliance of OLED transforms every pixel into a vivid masterpiece, creating a visual spectacle that sets a new standard for gaming monitors.

OLED Display

The AORUS CO49DQ OLED gaming monitor offers lifelike colours, high contrast, and deep black, delivering true colour and expressing perfect black. Due to the self-emissive displays, OLED monitors do not require a backlight and so are thinner and more efficient than LCDs. It's time to upgrade your monitor to OLED and enjoy all the details in your monitor!

32:9 Ultrawide Experience

With the Ultrawide 32:9 aspect ratio, extra width provides additional screen space. It better fits content such as racing, multi-media editing, or anything that needs to be seen widely. Plus, it's easily split into two 16:9 display areas for multi-tasking, saving more free space for the desktop than using two monitors.
You can have much more viewing area and efficiently tackle multiple tasks at the same time.

1800R Curvature

The ultra-wide aspect and the nature of 1800R curvature present you with a view closer to the human eye than a flat monitor and maximize immersion while gaming or working. Enjoy the most vivid viewing experience and immerse yourself in it.

One For All with KVM

The built-in KVM provides a brand-new notion of what monitors can do. KVM allows you to control multiple devices via one set of keyboard and mouse. It's even cross-platform friendly, no matter what type of OS your system is, we all support it! Switching devices cannot be any easier with our exclusive KVM. Let it boost both your work and play!

0.03 ms GTG Response Time

Certified with ClearMR 8000, the AORUS CO49DQ OLED gaming monitor reduces its response time to 0.03 ms GTG, providing clear motion with little blur behind fast-moving objects.


AORUS understands the concern you have about the OLED monitor. We use an AI-based algorithm in the background to automatically minimize the risks of burn-in issues and deploy it across a series of OLED protecting technologies on the AORUS CO49DQ.
You will get to enjoy the AORUS CO49DQ OLED gaming monitor just as the first time you unbox it.

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