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1000W Phanteks AMP V2 Black Gold Fully Modular PSU

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The Phanteks AMP 1000W is a high-quality PSU built in collaboration with Seasonic, constructed from premium components that aid in power transmission. In fact, this fully modular PSU has achieved an 80 Plus Gold certified status, delivering 92% efficiency at half loads. Featuring an eye-catching design, with a black finish, grey highlights, and black cables. While it may be aesthetically pleasing it also helps to keep noise to a comfortable level, thanks to having a fan that features fluid dynamic bearings, and a hybrid control mode that adapts to temperatures.


  • 1000W power delivery, perfect for high-end systems
  • Fully modular design, use only the cables you need
  • 80 Plus Gold certified, with 92% efficiency at half load
  • Multiple 6- and 8-pin outputs, supporting a wide range of GPUs
  • Revolt Pro Link certified, for multi-PSU systems
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty guaranteeing reliability


The AMP 1000W is perfect for a high-end gaming PC or workstation, thanks to its 1000W power output. Featuring a fully modular design that includes a 24-pin, two 4+4-pin, four 6+2-pin, and multiple SATA- and 4-pin Molex outputs, you’ll be able to power a wide variety of power-hungry components. What’s more, with the inclusion of a 12VHPWR adapter cable, you can safely power a NVIDIA 40 Series GPU without unsightly cable clutter. Furthermore, with innovations in its design including using a copper plate to connect the back panel and PCB, and gold-plated terminals the AMP 1000W achieves an 80 Plus Gold certification with an amazing 92% efficiency at half load.


The Phanteks AMP features a unique aesthetic, with its all-black design highlighted by a unique grey chequered pattern. Perfect for PC cases that display your power supply in all its glory!.

The Phanteks AMP 1000W is not just visually appealing, it also delivers a pleasing auditory experience thanks to an innovative fan design. Featuring a high-quality 120mm fan that employs fluid dynamic bearings which cut down on vibrations, providing improved stability and longevity. Furthermore, the AMP 1000W features a temperature-controlled Fanless Hybrid mode that can provide near-silent operation when under low workloads.


The Phanteks AMP 1000W has been validated to be compatible with Revolt Pro PSUs. This is thanks to its premium-quality cables, high current terminals, and stable long-term operation under heavy loads. By connecting the AMP 1000W power supply to a Revolt Pro or X, the power delivery can be doubled or even tripled depending on the model you connect to. In addition to being able to deliver higher power delivery potential, the AMP 1000W can also act as a redundant power supply ensuring your PC will still have a backup supply in the event of a power surge.


Size ATX 150mm x 86mm x 140mm
Colour Black
Wattage 1000W
80 PLUS Certification 80 PLUS Gold
Efficiency 92% at half load
Power Delivery 12V / 83A / 996W
5V / 25A / 125W
-12V / 0.3A / 3.6W
5VSB / 3A / 15W
Cooling 1 x 120mm Fan
Modularity Fully Modular
Connectors 1 x 18+10pin (Motherboard 24pin)
5 x 8pin (CPU/PCIe 8pin)
4 x 6pin (SATA/Molex)
Included Cables 1 x 18+10pin MB 24pin
2 x 8pin CPU 4+4ping
1 x 12VHPWR adapter
3 x 8pin PCIe 6+2pin/6+2pin
1 x 6pin 4 SATA 180℃
1 x 6pin 4 SATA 90℃
1 x 6pin 2 SATA 180℃
1 x 6pin 3 Molex
1 x 6pin 2 Molex
1 x 4pin 1 Molex to SATA
Weight Net: 1.66kg
Gross: 3.02kg

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