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Skyloong GK61X 60% Wired ANSI Keyboard Barebones White

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Keyboard Size: 60%
North Facing LED
Socket: 3 & 5 Pin
The Skyloong GK61X , also known as the Epomaker GK61X is a fantastic keyboard designed for those who want to get into Custom Keyboards on a budget.

Split Spacebar Module-More Fun and More Possibility

The GK61X Space Key Module will provide you with endless customization. Whether it's a single key or a split spacebar style to best fit your typing preference and feel, the GK61X is here to take your gaming and daily work to the next level.

Fully Programmable&16.8 million RGB Backlight


You can reprogram any key on the GK61X/GK61XS to make custom macros and add layers for extra function. To further personalize your typing experience, you can expand up to three FN function keys. Your macros and layout mapping will forever revolutionize how you interact with your program softwares and games.

The GK61X/GK61XS features RGB lighting with 16.8 million LED colors, rhythm, and sound lighting combinations, with additional key-programming and macro-creation for three definable layers. With 16.8 million colors in RGB lights, you can download additional lighting effects to the library and easily use them through the lighting effects driver. Simply connect the keyboard using the USB cable to access effects and software updates. Our database is constantly updating with different lighting effects. Enjoy a more immersive and colorful typing and gaming experience.

Supports Hot Swap and Compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin Switches!


The keyboards of "X" series supports hot swap and are compatible with G switch, BOX switch, Cherry MX and other 3-pin and 5-pin switches, this means you can easily change out your mechanical switches for a different type, without any soldering or effort. Want a different typing feel or sound? Simply change out the switches, and you can have a completely different tactile experience! This also extends the lifespan of the keyboard as you can easily switch out the components without throwing out the entire keyboard.