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Palit RTX 4090 GameRock 24GB Graphics Card

SKU: NED4090019SB-1020G
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RTX 4090

GPU Model




CUDA Cores


Boost Clock
Following the crystalline design of its predecessor, the crystals on the Palit GeForce RTX® 40 GameRock is transformed into “Starlight Black,” bringing users a new level of brilliance and absolute dark power.

If looking closer, you’ll find the twinkling stars are embedded in the black crystal cooler surface, making this model a delicate art piece when ARGB off, and a glimmering kaleidoscope when ARGB on. With the new One Two Sync technology, no need of software control, the board lighting can be easily synced with other ARGB-supported devices with just a single cable.

To offer next-level thermal solution to tame the beastly power consumption, the all-new Gale Hunter Fan cooling system is bestowed on the Palit GeForce RTX® 40. The Gale Talon Fan Blades and Winglet Fantail ensure concentrated airflow for optimal aerodynamic performance. The Y Formula Fins molded with turning angles enlarge the contact area and further lead the air through the fins smoothly. With Composite Heat Pipes and a wide Vapor Chamber, the heat can be transferred and spread out rapidly.

The GeForce RTX® 4090 GameRock even comes with the Anti-Gravity Plate and Exquisite Metal Backplate to provide extra rigidity to the board. The backplate with engraving and gloss highlight also shows an absolute blending of tech and art.

The simple yet sophisticated crystals are now refined to Starlight Black, and there are twinkling stars plucked out of the sky and embedded in the delicate black crystals, making this product a real art piece when ARGB off, and a glimmering kaleidoscope when ARGB on.

The brand new Gale Hunter Fan is thicker and bigger in size for strongest airflow. With winglet on the fantail, the airflow will be concentrated and vortex effect can be avoided. The advanced Gale Talon design on the fan blades further brings the air to the thermal module in a smooth and stable pattern.

Plug and party. Shine in consistency. Excellent compatibility guaranteed. No need of any software control, the board lighting can be easily synced with any other ARGBsupported devices with just a single cable.

By LS (liquid and steam) transformation technology, the Vapor Chamber with antioxidant capacity can take the heat away from the hotspot at highest efficiency, and further reaches maximum heat transition from the interior components to the heat sink.

The fins are meticulously molded with turning angles to serve a function of air deflector. This technology leads the air to channel through the fins more smoothly, and enlarges the contact area between the air and the fins.

Compact in size, strong in protection. The Anti-Gravity Plate with optimized size offers the strongest protection to the board, preventing the board from bending.

Combining the 6Ø and 8Ø heat pipes, the Composite Heat Pipes stably transfer the heat in the most efficient way not only under daily applications, but even under heavy loading conditions such as extreme overclocking.

An absolute blending of tech and art. The Exquisite Backplate comes with golden ratio cut-outs for maximizedair venting efficiency. The engraving and gloss highlight on the plate add a flash of brightness in the midnight.

- Part Number NED4090019SB-1020G
- EAN Code 4710562243383
- GPU GeForce RTX 4090
- Core Name AD102
- CODA Core 16384
- Core Clock 2235 MHz
- Boost Clock 2520 MHz
- DRAM Amount 24 GB
- DRAM Interface 384 bits
- DRAM Speed 21 Gbps
- DRAM Bandwidth 1008 GB/s
- Board Power 450 W
- PSU Requirement: 1200W minimum
- Output: DP 1.4a x 3, HDMI 2.1a x 1, Bracket 3 slot
- Cooler 3.5 slot
- Board size 329.4 x 137.5 x 71.5 mm
- Warranty: 2yr

Minimum System Requirements:
- PCI Express-compliant motherboard with one tri-width x16 graphics slot
- 1200 W or greater system power supply
- One 16-pin PCIe 12VHPWR or four 8-pin supplementary power connectors
- Microsoft Windows® 11, Windows® 10 64-bit, Linux 64-bit

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