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Kolink Vertical GPU Mounting Kit for Observatory Y/Z & Stronghold Prime

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Elevate your gaming PC configuration, with the Kolink Vertical GPU Kit. Revolutionising your gaming PC’s aesthetic, this kit includes everything you need to vertically mount your graphics card. Compatible with all triple-slot GPUs, this kit includes a 230mm PCIe 3.0 riser cable and steel bracket that is easy to install. This kit is designed for select Kolink cases and has an all-black finish that will seamlessly blend in with your chassis.


  • Vertical GPU mounting kit
  • Made for select Kolink cases, such as the Observatory range
  • Compatible with all triple-slot graphics cards
  • Utilises 230mm long PCIe 3.0 riser cable
  • Steel bracket for attaching to expansion slots
  • Matte black aesthetic to seamlessly blend with any case


Turn your PC into a showcase, with the Kolink Vertical GPU Kit. Facilitating vertical mounting for your graphics card, this kit includes a PCIe 3.0 riser cable and steel bracket. The PCIe 3.0 cable is 230mm long, flat, and flexible, perfectly tailored for extending the connection from motherboard to graphics card. The steel bracket seamlessly replaces the backplate, providing ample support for your chosen GPU. This kit is easy to install and will expertly upgrade your PC’s aesthetic.


For graphics cards, the Kolink Vertical GPU Kit is compatible with all triple-slot GPUs currently available. For cases, this kit has been designed for select Kolink models. These are:

  • Observatory Y aRGB
  • Observatory Y Mesh aRGB
  • Stronghold Prime
  • Observatory Z aRGB
  • Observatory Z Mesh aRGB

Please note that the steel bracket will not be needed with the Observatory Z models.


Brand Kolink
Model Veritcal GPU Kit
Contents 1 x PCIe riser cable
1 x backplate bracket
Material Cable: tinned copper, PE, half matte TPE
Bracket: steel
Colour Black
PCIe Generation PCIe 3.0
PCIe Cable Length 230mm
Bracket Weight 170g
Bracket Size 40.7mm x 31.4mm x 32.05mm
L x W x H
Case Compatibility Observatory Y aRGB
Observatory Y Mesh aRGB
Observatory Z aRGB
Observatory Z Mesh aRGB
Stronghold Prime
GPU Compatibility Triple-slot GPUs