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Jonsbo D500 Aluminium Silver Full Tower PC Case

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The Jonsbo D500 Full Tower PC Case is a versatile chassis, with extensive support for cooling, hardware, and storage devices. From E-ATX motherboards to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs, this chassis has more than enough room to accommodate high-end gaming hardware. Plus, with two PSU mounting options and brackets for 420mm radiators on the top and front panel, you can craft a system that best suits your aesthetic and specification. Showcase it all, thanks to the tempered glass side panel affording a brilliant view of the interior.


  • Full tower PC case manufactured from steel, aluminium, and tempered glass
  • Supports popular motherboard form factors, including E-ATX
  • Two options for PSU mounting – at the top or bottom
  • GPU clearance between 340mm and 480mm
  • Storage bays for up to eleven drives
  • Extensive cooling system support for up to 420mm radiators


As a full tower chassis, the Jonsbo D500 PC Case has extensive support for modern gaming hardware, including the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series. With its intelligently crafted interior, the backplate can accommodate popular motherboard form factors, from Mini-ITX to E-ATX. There are eight PCIe expansion slots as well as three additional slots, to support vertical graphic card mounting. For GPU clearance, there is between 340mm and 480mm available space, depending on how many storage bays are utilised.

What’s more, the Jonsbo D500 has two locations where you can mount a PSU within a dedicated shroud, up to 220mm in length. The power supply can be placed in the traditional space at the bottom of the case or, alternatively, be positioned at the top of the chassis. Whichever option best suits your set-up. The shroud features subtle ARGB lighting, so it will look fantastic in any position.


To keep the Jonsbo D500 cool, there is ample support for both air and water-cooling systems. Plus, with dust filters on the top, front, and bottom of the chassis, dust intake is greatly reduced keeping the interior free of particulates such as pet hair and clothes fibres.

For air-cooling, this chassis can hold up to seven fans. There are three PWM 140mm fans pre-installed across the chassis, two on the front panel and the third upon the rear. This final fan is equipped with ARGB lighting. Alternatively, the front can accommodate three fans, either 120mm or 140mm in diameter, and the top panel supports the same configuration. Upon the rear, there is a mount for a singular fan, either 120mm or 140mm in size.

For water-cooling systems, there is support for AIO radiators up to 420mm in length. These can be mounted on both the front and top panel. Radiators which are 360mm, 280mm, or 240mm can also be mounted here, in place of the larger form factor. Once again, the rear panel can hold a small 120mm radiator. There is clearance for CPU coolers up to 190mm in height.


A true selling point of the Jonsbo D500 is its phenomenal storage drive capacity. To the right of the motherboard tray, up to eight storage drives can be stacked in the provided modular bays. They can be concealed from sight by a removeable inner side panel. The number of bays utilised will affect the length of GPU you can install within the chassis. Upon the back of the motherboard tray are mounts for up to three more drives – making it a total of up to eleven drives supported in this chassis.

The drive bays can hold either 3.5” HDDs or 2.5” SSDs. The motherboard backplate then has either three slots for 2.5” or two 3.5” drives. As a result, you can create an impressive storage solution with a blend of fast SSDs and high capacity HDDs. What’s more, there is a 5.25” bay in the front panel on top of everything else!


The Jonsbo D500 is manufactured using premium quality materials. The outer chassis has been crafted from 2mm aluminium, finished in a stylish silver. The interior framework is built utilising 0.8mm steel. Completing the aesthetic is the tinted tempered glass door, which is hinged and held in place by magnets.


Instead of hard edges, the Jonsbo D500 has diagonal planes between the panels for a more continuous flow effect. The I/O rests on one such plane at the front of the top panel, accented by a small, curved strip of ARGB lighting. This includes two USB 3.0, one USB 3.2 Type-C, an audio jack, and power buttons, for flexible connectivity.


Brand Jonsbo
Model D500 Full Tower PC Case
Colour Silver
Materials 0.8mm steel
2mm aluminium
Tempered glass
Motherboard Support Mini-ITX / Micro-ATX / ATX / E-ATX
Expansion Slots 8 + 3 (vertical)
GPU Clearance With drive bays: 340mm
Without drive bays: 480mm
PSU Support Up to 220mm
Shroud can be mounted at top or bottom
Pre-Installed Fans Front: 2 x 140mm PWM fans
Rear: 1 x 140mm PWM ARGB fan
Fan Support Front: 3 x 120mm or 140mm
Top 3 x 120mm or 140mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm or 140mm
Radiator Support Front: 420 / 360 / 240mm radiator
Top: 420 / 360 / 240mm radiator
Rear: 120 radiator
CPU Cooler Up to 190mm
Drive Bays 10 x 3.5” HDDs or 11 x 2.5” SSDs
1 x 5.25” bay
I/O Panel 1 x USB 3.2 Type-C
2 x USB 3.0
1 x Audio
Power buttons
Dimensions 250mm x 586mm x 620mm
W x H x D
Weight Net: 17.5kg
Gross: 20kg

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Customer Reviews

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