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  • DEEP CLEANING: Highly flexible, deep penetrating and super absorbent, GRAB nano cleaning gel removes stubborn dust and debris from all hard to reach areas. Ideal for PC accessories, desks, cars, and around the house. Say goodbye to keyboard crumbs and farewell to cup holder scraps!
  • ADVANCED ADHESION: GRAB absorbs and locks in dust, debris and bacteria to leave surfaces perfectly clean, residue free and looking fresh. GRAB is smooth the handle with no sticky feeling making it easy and safe to use everywhere.
  • FAST AND SIMPLE: Simply push GRAB into the surface and see it form around obstacles and penetrate into recesses. Peel away from the surface and watch the dirt being lifted away with no mess left behind.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Design in the UK and blended from a unique formulation of natural ingredients, GRAB is eco-friendly and safe to use on all materials. Lightly infused with a fresh Cherry Blossom Scent, GRAB leaves surfaces clean and smelling fresh.
  • REUSABLE: GRAB can be used multiple times and stored safely in the recallable plastic container. Keep GRAB at your desk or in the car to keep your space fresh.