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Everglide V3 Plate Mount Black & Gold Stabilizers

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Everglide Panda V3 stabilizers, manufactured by JWK are considered to be some of the best plate mount stabilizers on the market.
Featuring a solid black housing & gold plated steel stems, not only do they perform well but they also look the part too!

Set Includes:

- 1x 6.25u for Spacebar
- 4x 2u for Shift, Enter, Backspace, etc


- 1x 6.25u for Spacebar
- 7x 2u for Shift, Enter, Backspace, etc

1x 6.25u + 4x 2u is enough for 60%, 65%, 75% and TKL Keyboards.
1x 6.25u + 7x 2u is required for 1800 Compact and Full-Size Keyboards.

Assembly/Lube Required - These stabilizers are not pre-lubed do not come pre-assembled.