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IT Dusters CompuCleaner Original 2 Air Duster

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The CompuCleaner Original 2 is the latest generation model from the best selling CompuCleaner range.

- Simply plug the device into mains power and benefit from endless clean and powerful air flow. It never runs out like canned air spray saving you money.
- Its lightweight and robust design houses a 500 watt motor that will never lose pressure and is built to last.
- Supplied with 3 newly developed nozzle attachments for enhanced and precise cleaning.
- 1 year manufacturers guarantee.

The CompuCleaner runs directly from mains power to produce a powerful and consistent stream of fresh air. Lightweight and robust, the CompuCleaner is perfect for cleaning sensitive electronics, hardware and household items which may be difficult to clean conventionally or hard to reach.

The air jet created by the 500watt, 0.75hp motor, is easily able to remove stubborn dust and debris whilst still being gentle on delicate components. Cleaning with air means sensitive parts are protected and not exposed to physical contact which could damage them.

The CompuCleaner is lightweight and ergonomically designed to enable maximum manoeuvrability for the best cleaning results. With a 3 metre long power cord, the CompuCleaner can be comfortably used at any angle without freezing or releasing moisture like aerosol air cans.

Unlike disposable air cleaning solutions, the CompuCleaner will never lose power and is always ready to use. This not only makes it environmentally friendly but will also save you money.

The CompuCleaner is supplied with a variety of nozzle attachments to suit a wide range of applications. This device is perfect for cleaning, PC’s, Laptops, Servers, Games Consoles, TV’s, Media Players, Ornaments and Household Items.