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The Arctic MX-5 is a very powerful thermal paste that ensures a quick transfer of the waste heat from the chip to the heat sink. The blue thermal paste consists of carbon microparticles and is therefore neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. This means there is no risk of short circuits and discharges. In contrast to liquid metal, the Arctic MX-5 does not cause any corrosion damage.

The Arctic MX-5 is suitable for operating temperatures from -40 ° C to +180 ° C. The syringe is resealable and prevents the paste from drying out during storage. With the help of the supplied spatula, the thermal paste can be applied precisely and evenly. The filling quantity of 2 g offered here is sufficient for more than five uses. It can be used for eight years after application.

Technical details:
- Contents: 2 g
- Colour blue
- Viscosity: 550 poise
- Density: 3.2 g / cm³
- Operating temperature: -40 to +180 ° C
- Breakdown voltage: 250 V / mil
- Shelf life: 8 years