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Alphacool Pull Saw for Acrylic / PETG tubes 35cm

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The Alphacool pull saw for Plexi / PETG tubes is no ordinary saw as you know it from the hardware store. Because of the very special saw blade with the fine teeth, this saw is especially suitable for Plexi / PETG pipes.

With this saw blade, the conventional problem was counteracted. Already at the first attachment to the pipe, the teeth cut so cleanly into the plexi so a slide back and forth no longer occurs. Also, the breaking of the tube in the last moves is excluded thanks to the fine teeth.

You want to make a straight cut with the saw, but with the thin saw blade it gets more and more oblique with every turn but with this product that is removed. Because this saw blade is just thick enough not to get in the oblique position but still thin enough to get a precise cut.

With the Alphacool saw you can get nice clean cuts.

Technical specifications
- Saw blade length: 35mm
- Saw blade thickness: 0.8mm
- Handle: pistol grip black