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AERO Bronze 750W 230V EU Power Supply Unit

Featuring best in class protections and impressive performance while offering one-of-a-kind affordability, the AERO PSU series is perfect for DIY PC builders who want a feature-packed power supply without breaking the bank. The AERO BRONZE is 80Plus Bronze 230V EU Certified for up to 90%+ efficiency, delivering maximum efficiency performance.

Up to 90%+ Efficiency for Silver-Level Performance

Experience the efficiency performance of 80Plus Silver 230V EU PSUs with this Premium Bronze power supply. Ensures high levels of efficiency at 20%, 50%, and 100% loads: 91.21% | 91.11% | 86.36%. The AERO BRONZE PSU’s efficiency performance is equal to and at certain loads, even higher than that of 80Plus Silver 230V EU PSUs.

Tested for Reliability and Performance

Having undergone test after test under strict conditions and the highest standards of quality, the AERO PSU ensures premium reliability, durability, and performance.

Active Power Factor Correction

Built-in APFC providing higher voltage stabilisation and lower power consumption (Active Power Factor Correction rate > 0.9.

Premium 105°C Japanese Capacitors

Built-in premium 105°C Japanese capacitors provide uncompromised performance, reliability and durability even under the most demanding conditions.

*Due to supply chain sourcing, premium capacitors from any of the following brands may be used: Rubycon, Nichicon, and Nippon Chemi-Con.

High-End Solid State Capacitors

High-end solid state capacitors provide great DC output quality for improved noise filtering and low ripple.

DC-to-DC Conversion Circuit

Built-in DC-to-DC conversion circuit for higher efficiency and tight voltage regulation even under heavy cross-loading conditions.

Optimised Thermal Fan Speed Control

Optimised fan speed allows for near inaudible fan noise and silent PSU operation. Smart thermal fan control keeps the fan running at startup speed before reaching 60% load at 40°C ambient temperatures.

Dual CPU Power Connectors

Dual CPU power connectors allows for compatibility with high-end AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Convenient Cable Management

Soft, black, flat cables allow for more convenient cable management and easier installation. Longer and more durable cables accommodate larger cases and provide long-lasting reliability.

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