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Akko MOD 006 Space Grey 75% ANSI Barebones Kit

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Keyboard Size: 75%
North Facing LED
Socket: 3 & 5 Pin
MOD006 has the same specification as MOD007v2 but the knob has been replaced by a screw-in customizable badge.

The character “寅” on the default badge means the Year of Tiger.

The badge is fully interchangeable and can be removed to gain an extra switch slot.
(3D print file available to achieve further customization)

Basic Spec 
– Aluminum and polycarbonate plates;
– Gasket Mount: silion/poron gaskets;
– Poron plate foam & case foam, specifically the case foam are pre-cut against the hot-swappable sockets to reduce unnecessary space for improved sound profile;
– Poron switch pads added to the kit;
– Reduced PCBa thickness from 1.6mm to 1.2mm to increase the softness, and be compatible with more screw-in stabilizers;
– Black Coiled Cable.

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